Nitmiluk National Park

Phone: (08) 8973 8821

Park Sites Access Comments Forecast opening
Nitmiluk National Park Open   
Swimming in Katherine River: gorge 1 Closed            Closed in accordance with the Saltwater Crocodile Risk Management Plan.NA
Swimming in Katherine River: gorges 2 and 3Open   
Swimming in Katherine River: gorges 4 upwardsOpen  
Canoeing gorges 2 and 3 (half day and full day)  Open        
Overnight canoeing gorges 4 and upwards Partially open            Gorges 6, 8 and 9 OPEN. The canoe campsite at Smitt Rock (gorge 4) CLOSED for maintenance. 
Jatbula Trail OpenBookings required. Bookings taken from November for the following year. PWC Permits office on (08) 89994486 Please book online. Permit required for out of season walks from October 1 to May 31.  
Northern Rockhole – Walk and swimming Open  
Southern Rockhole – Walk and swimming ClosedSwimming is closed, the walk is still available 
Baruwei Loop Walk Open  
Boat tours Open 1st and 2nd gorge tours. Please contact Nitmiluk Tours for boat tours on 1300 146 743 or visit 
Southern walks
Windolf Walk Open  
Butterfly Gorge Walk Open              
Lily Ponds Walk Open  
Lily Ponds – swimming at river Open  
Lily Pond Waterfall – swimming Open       
Dunlop Swamp – camping Open  
Smitt Rock Walk Open  
Jawoyn Valley Walk Open  
Eighth Gorge Open  
Waleka Walk (Pats Lookout to Butterfly Gorge) Open   
Waleka Walk ( Butterfly Gorge to 8th Gorge)Open  
Leliyn (Edith Falls)
Edith Falls Open  
Leliyn Loop Walk Open  
Sweetwater Walk Open  
Sweetwater swimming Open  
Swimming in plunge pool Open  
Swimming in upper pool Open  
Campground Open Campground now has phone contact: (08) 8972 2884  (phone bookings are not available). Kiosk also open.

Last updated: 30 August 2018

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