Elsey National Park

Phone: (08) 8975 4560

Park sites Access Comments Forecast opening
Elsey National Park Open  
Park access
Martins Road Open  
Homestead Road Open  
John Hauser Drive Open  
Bitter Springs (via Martins Road)
Swimming       Open  
Loop walk Open  
Mataranka Thermal Pool and Rainbow Spring Thermal Pool (via Homestead Road)
Swimming in Mataranka Thermal PoolOpen

Swimming in Rainbow Spring Thermal Pool is not permitted.

Riverside walk to Stevie's Hole Open  
Stevie's Hole (via Thermal Pool)
Walking TracksOpen  
Botanic Walk (via John Hauser Drive)
Loop walk Open  
Botanic Walk link to Riverside Walk Open  
4 Mile (via John Hauser Drive)
Boat ramp Open  
Riverside walk to 4 Mile Open  
Wabalarr (via John Hauser Drive)
Riverside walk 4 Mile to Wabalarr Open  
Mulurark (via John Hauser Drive)
Riverside walk Wabalarr to Mulurark Open  
Jalmurark (via John Hauser Drive)/12 Mile
Campground Open  
Boat ramp Open  
Riverside walk Mulurark to Jalmurark/ 12 Mile Open  
Korowan–Mataranka Falls (via John Hauser Drive)
Swimming Closed Swimming closed in accordance with Draft Elsey NP Saltwater Crocodile Risk Management Plan  
Riverside walk to Mataranka Falls Open 

Last updated: 13 October 2017