School excursions

Your child may participate in school excursions as part of their school curriculum and learning activities.

Excursions can range from a short visit to a number of days or weeks and may be to locations close to the school, within the Northern Territory, interstate or overseas.

Consent form

For your child to take part in an excursion, you must complete a parental consent form which will be provided by your child's school.

You can also use the form to give relevant information about your child's care needs.

Your consent for your child to attend excursions does not relieve the school or supervisors of their duty of care.

Excursion information

The school will provide information about the activities planned for the excursion to enable you to make an informed decision about your child's participation.

This may include all of the following:

  • times and dates of departure and return
  • destination
  • mode of travel and route
  • supervision including names of teachers and accompanying adults
  • purpose of the excursion
  • details of activities
  • accommodation arrangements
  • equipment and clothing needed
  • details of cost
  • special rules for the excursion
  • details of activities which may provide a greater risk of injury - eg abseiling, rock climbing
  • contact details for the excursion group.


For more information on excursions, talk to your child's teacher.

Go to policies on the Department of Education website for more information about school excursions.

Last updated: 04 January 2016

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