Helping your child attend school

Talk to you child's teacher or principal if you need help in getting your child to school.

In some remote communities school attendance officers also help to ensure your child goes to school.

Role of school attendance officers

School attendance officers may be mums, dads, caregivers, aunties, uncles or grandparents from your local community who can help with any of the following:

  • talking to you and your child about the importance of going to school
  • working with you to help get your child to school
  • providing practical support to you like driving your child to school, helping to organise school lunches, uniforms, homework and after-school care
  • working with your child's school to ensure your child is at school and letting you know if your child does not attend
  • rewarding your child if they go to school.

Go to the National Indigenous Australians Agency website for more about getting your child to school.


For more information contact the enrolment and attendance teams:

  • Top End - call 1800 070 493
  • Central region - call 1800 206 317.

Last updated: 23 May 2017

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