About education in the NT

This page has information about the education system, types of schools and stages of schooling in the Northern Territory (NT).

In the NT you have a choice of sending your child to a public, independent or faith school. It is compulsory to enrol your child in school from the age of six.

Government schools are commonly known as public schools, some are independent public schools.

Stages of schooling

The stages of schooling are:

  • primary - transition to Year 6
  • middle - Year 7 to Year 9
  • senior - Year 10 to Year 12.

More than one stage of a child's schooling may take place in one location.

Read more information on stages of schooling.

International students

International students who live in the NT and want to study can attend a public school.

Class times

Schools generally hold classes between 8am and 3pm. Precise times vary so contact your school for more information. School contact details can be found in the education directory.

Government schools

Government schools provide schooling across all stages from early years to senior years. All government schools are co-educational.

Some government schools are independent public schools.

Non-government schools

Non-government schools in the Northern Territory provide a range of options across the different stages of schooling.

Go to the Association of Independent Schools NT website for more information about independent non-government schools.

Go to the Catholic Education NT website for more information about Catholic schools.

Go to the NT Christian Schools website for more information about Christian schools.

Last updated: 20 March 2018

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