Make a complaint: international students

If you have a complaint about your child's schooling in a government school, you should try to resolve the issue using the following steps:

Step 1. Discuss the issue with the teacher, the international student coordinator or assistant principal in the first instance.

Step 2. Arrange a meeting with the school principal if further action is needed. The school can arrange to use an interpreter if needed.

Step 3. If the matter is not resolved at school, you can talk to International Services.

Step 4. International Services will consult with you and the school.

Step 5. If the matter is still unresolved, it will be referred to the director of international education and non-government schools.

A student will be encouraged to have a friend or relative to assist during the complaints procedure.

If a dispute arises and the student is under 18, the school will contact the student's parent or guardian when the matter is taken to the principal.

Homestay complaints

Homestay issues should be referred to international services.

Last updated: 27 May 2019

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