For registered training organisations (RTOs)

Private provider AHC rates

The table below lists the industry rates for private registered training organisations (RTOs).

Industry rates are calculated at $ per annual hours curriculum (AHC).

Also included is the delivery allowance for each industry group.

As of 1 January 2023, the private RTO industry rates are calculated as follows:

  • regional allowance 25%
  • remote allowance 80%.

The delivery allowance is based on the location category for training delivery.

Find out about delivery allowance for VET funded programs, including their location categories.

Rates starting from 1 January 2023

IG code Industry groupPrivate RTO
industry rate
($ per AHC)
Regional allowance ($ per AHC)Remote allowance ($ per AHC)
01 Arts, entertainment, sport and recreation 9.962.497.97
02 Automotive 13.283.3210.62
03 Building and construction 13.283.3210.62
04 Community services, health and education 9.962.497.97
05 Finance, banking and insurance 8.862.227.09
06 Food processing 15.483.8712.38
07 TCF and furnishing 9.962.497.97
08 Communications 9.962.497.97
09 Engineering and mining
10 Primary industry 9.402.357.52
11 Process manufacturing 11.062.778.85
12 Sales and personal service 11.062.778.85
13 Tourism and hospitality 8.862.227.09
14 Transport and storage 9.962.497.97
15 Utilities 9.962.497.97
16 Business and clerical 7.751.946.20
17 Computing 8.862.227.09
18 Science, technology and other 8.862.227.09
19 General education and training 9.962.497.97

Rates until 31 December 2022

IG codeIndustry groupPrivate RTO
industry rate
($ per AHC)
Regional allowance ($ per AHC)Remote allowance ($ per AHC)
1Arts, entertainment, sport and recreation9.671.456.77
3Building and construction12.891.939.02
4Community services, health and education9.671.456.77
5Finance, banking and insurance8.61.296.02
6Food processing15.032.2510.52
7TCF and furnishing9.671.456.77
9Engineering and mining11.821.778.27
10Primary industry9.131.376.39
11Process manufacturing10.741.617.52
12Sales and personal service10.741.617.52
13Tourism and hospitality8.61.296.02
14Transport and storage9.671.456.77
16Business and clerical7.521.135.26
18Science, technology and other8.61.296.02
19General education and training9.671.456.77

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Last updated: 19 October 2022

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