Buying takeaway alcohol

Takeaway alcohol in Tennant Creek and Barkly

Changes to the NT Liquor Act

On 1 October 2019, liquor laws changed in the Northern Territory (NT).

The information below is currently under review.

For more up to date information, contact Licensing NT.

The Liquor Commission has put restrictions in place in Tennant Creek and the Barkly region for:

  • times and days you can buy takeaway alcohol and
  • how much you can buy of certain types of alcohol each day.

To read the Liquor Commission's full report, go to the Department of Attorney-General and Justice website.

Some licensed venues may have stricter conditions or more restrictions than those set by the Liquor Commission.

To find out what conditions apply to a specific venue, you should call the venue in the first instance.

To view alcohol restrictions by localities, go to the Department of Health website.

For more information about alcohol in Tennant Creek and Barkly, contact Licensing NT.

You can only buy takeaway alcohol from Monday through to Saturday between 4pm and 7pm.

You can't buy more than one of the following per day:

  • 30 cans or stubbies of mid strength or light beer
  • 24 cans or stubbies of full strength beer
  • 12 cans or bottles of ready to drink mixes
  • one two litre cask of wine
  • one bottle of fortified wine
  • one bottle of green ginger wine
  • two 750 ml bottles of wine
  • one 750 ml bottle of spirits.

It is prohibited to sell:

  • port
  • wine in a glass container larger than one litre
  • beer in bottles of 750ml or more.

Read more about where you can't drink in Tennant Creek.

Bush orders

If you live in a bush community, on a cattle station or a work camp outside of Tennant Creek, you can place a bush order to buy alcohol.

A bush order lets you contact a licensed venue to place an order ready for pick-up.

You can buy up to seven days worth of alcohol on a bush order. This means you can buy up to seven times the amount you can usually buy per person per day.

Only 'bona fide' bush orders can be accepted. This means you must be able to prove you live remote from Tennant Creek.

Orders must be placed over the phone or by email at least one day ahead of when you want to pick it up.

You can only buy takeaway alcohol from Monday to Saturday, between 12 noon and 7pm.

If you are buying wine, you can only buy up to the following per day between 2pm and 6pm:

  • two litres of cask wine
  • two 750ml bottles of (non-fortified wine) or
  • one bottle of fortified wine.

If you live in Elliott or Marlinja, you are only allowed to buy one of the following each day:

  • 12 cans of light beer
  • eight cans of mid strength beer
  • six cans of heavy beer
  • six cans of pre mixed drinks
  • 750ml bottles of wine
  • one two-litre cask of wine.

If you live in other areas in the Barkly region, you can buy takeaway alcohol from Monday to Friday from licensed venues between 2pm and 8pm.

On Saturday you can buy alcohol between 12 noon and 8pm.

Takeaway alcohol is not allowed on Sundays.

If you are staying at some licensed venues or caravan or camping sites, you can buy alcohol for consumption in your room between 12 noon and 11pm for yourself or your guests during your stay.

You must show ID and proof that you are a paying guest.

Please check with your accommodation provider to find out if their licence allows for such alcohol sales.

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Last updated: 15 December 2021

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