Vary a land access agreement

On 1 January 2021, the Petroleum Regulations 2020 came into effect. The relevant forms will be available in January.

The information below applies from 1 January 2021.

If you are a party to an approved land access agreement, you can apply to vary it.

A party to a land access agreement is either a:

  • landholder or
  • petroleum company seeking access to carry out petroleum activities.

The information below applies to either party wanting to vary the agreement.

When you can vary an agreement

You can vary an agreement:

  • in line with the terms of the agreement
  • by agreement between you and the other party
  • by further processes and proceedings under the Petroleum Regulations 2020.

After you agree

If both parties agree to the variation, the party that requested it must follow these steps:

Get approval and registration

You must apply to the minister for Mining and Industry to get the variation approved and registered.

Follow these steps:

Step 1a. Fill in the application for approval or registration of variation.

Step 1b. Submit the application to Land Access.

You will need to pay a fee.

If the landholder is the occupier

If the landholder is the occupier, you must also notify the landowner about the variation within seven days of the land access agreement being varied.

Follow these steps:

Step 1c. Fill in the notice to owner of approved access agreement or variation.

Step 1d. Issue the notice to the landowner.

Transfer an agreement: petroleum company

If you transfer or sell your petroleum title, you must notify the relevant landholder.

The petroleum company that is assigned or buys the petroleum title becomes a party to the approved land access agreement.

Transfer an agreement: landholder

If you transfer or sell the land, you must notify the relevant petroleum company.

The person or company that is assigned or purchases the land becomes a party to the approved land access agreement.

The person or company must notify the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade chief executive officer that they have become the landholder within 14 days after they are provided a copy of the agreement by the relevant petroleum company.

Notify the chief executive officer

To notify the chief executive officer, follow these steps:

Step 1. Fill in the notice to CEO of change to designated person.

Step 2. Submit the notice to Land Access.

Last updated: 12 January 2021

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