Get approval for your land access agreement

On 1 January 2021, the Petroleum Regulations 2020 came into effect.

This information is for petroleum companies that want to carry out authorised activities in the Northern Territory.

You must have a land access agreement in place with the landholder before you start regulated petroleum operations.

If you negotiate an agreement with the landholder, you must get it approved by the minister for mining and industry or their delegate.

It is an offence to start any activity which requires a land access agreement before it is approved.

Follow these steps:

Step 1. Apply for approval

To get approval from the minister or their delegate, follow these steps:

Step 1a. Fill in the application for approval of an access agreement DOCX (64.5 KB).

Step 1b. Submit the application to Land Access.

You will need to pay a fee.

Step 2. After your agreement is approved

Once the minister or delegate approves it, you can begin your activities.

The minister will add the agreement to the access agreement register.

All approved land access agreements are recorded on the register.

If the landholder is the occupier

If the landholder is the occupier, you must also notify the landowner about the agreement within seven days.

Follow these steps:

Step 2a. Fill in the notice to owner of approved access agreement or variation DOCX (64.0 KB).

Step 2b. Issue the notice to the landowner.

Step 3. Pay the landholder's costs

You must pay reasonable costs that a landholder has necessarily incurred during the negotiation process.

This includes legal costs.

You must pay within 30 days after a request is made unless:

  • agreed otherwise with the landholder or
  • you dispute the costs.

If you dispute the costs, you can apply to the Northern Territory Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

If you are the landholder

If you are claiming for costs incurred during the negotiation process, you must:

  • request payment in writing and
  • provide details and evidence of the costs you are claiming.

Last updated: 08 July 2021

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