Apply for a mineral title

Rents, fees and other costs

This page has details about application fees, rents and advertising costs.

To find out how much you will need to pay, read the list of rents and fees.

Application fees

You must pay a fee when you apply for any mineral title.

The fee will not be refunded if the application is withdrawn or refused.

Applications will not be accepted without correct payment.


You will have to pay rent just before your application is granted and again every year on or before the anniversary of grant.

You will also have to pay annual administration fees from the end of your first year after your title has been granted.

Advertising costs

You must pay the cost of advertising your mineral title application in the newspaper.

The department advertises all applications in the NT News. Some applications may also be advertised in the Koori Mail depending on the tenure of the land.

The department arranges the advertising and you will be required to pay for the cost when an application is made for any title except a mineral lease or extractive mineral lease.

For these titles you will receive a request for payment prior to the advertisement appearing in the newspaper.

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Last updated: 03 May 2016

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