Apply for a pipeline licence

Before you apply for a licence

Before you apply for a pipeline licence in the Northern Territory (NT) you must identify the proposed pipeline route and access points along it including sites for equipment and other works.

Get access to land

You will need to negotiate access with the landholder, leaseholder or traditional owner

Check whether your route crosses any areas of Aboriginal freehold land or land affected by native title.

If needed, you must negotiate an agreement with the traditional owner groups or their representative land council to access the land.

For NT freehold or pastoral leasehold, you must negotiate an access agreement with the landowner or leaseholder.

If the route crosses any parks or reserves you may need to get special permission. To find out about getting a permit, and what special conditions might apply, contact NT Parks and Wildlife.

If you can’t come to an access agreement with the landowner or leaseholder, you can apply for a permit which will allow you to enter land for pipeline route investigations.

Apply for a land access permit

To apply for a land access permit you must do all of the following:

  • fill in the permit application form
  • provide all of the following information (see 5 (2) Energy Pipelines Act 1981):
    • the pipeline’s beginning and end points
    • title references for the land to be entered
    • maps showing the location of the land, the proposed pipeline route, locations for equipment or works and land needed for possible access points
    • details of any agreement, or proposed agreement, related to entry onto the land
    • details of financial and technical resources.
  • pay the fee and submit the application.

Read more about fees and rents.

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Last updated: 08 August 2016

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