Radiation compliance certificates and registrations

Register a radiation place

A radiation place is anywhere a radiation source is used or stored.

Before you register

Before you apply to register for a radiation place follow these steps.

Step 1. Get a radiation shielding assessment

Shielding helps to keep radiation exposure at acceptable levels for both radiation workers and visitors. 

Before you register a radiation place, you need an accredited company to assess radiation shielding of your practice. Read the list of accredited NT radiation companies.

Step 2. Get a certificate of compliance 

You need a certificate of compliance for each radiation source and radiation place before you can register a radiation place. 

A licensee must not use a radiation source unless a certificate of compliance for a radiation place is prominently displayed.

Compliance certificates ensure the radiation place is safe to occupy, and that radiation sources are safe to use.

Step 3. Read the information about shielding requirements

Shielding requirements are listed below.

Shielding design goals

Medical facilities must follow the requirements outlined in the Northern Territory's guideline on shielding design for new or old facilities.

Shielding must achieve ambient dose equivalent rates of the following:

  • less than 0.1 mSv per week (a fraction of 5 mSv per year) for controlled areas
  • less than 0.02 mSv per week (a fraction of 1 mSv per year) for uncontrolled areas.
Controlled areas

A controlled area is a clearly defined area in which occupational exposure is under the control of the principal licence holder. 

Uncontrolled areas

An uncontrolled area is not supervised. Members of the public may have access.

Once radiation shielding design is completed and shielding installed as per the shielding design, you do not need to assess your shielding again unless you modify the radiation place.You should keep photographs and documents that show the radiation shielding is adequate. If you do not keep all documents, you may need to have your shielding design reassessed and tested. 

Modifying a radiation place

Your radiation place registration will expire if you modify your practice or shielding. If this happens you must perform a shielding assessment and get a compliance certificate to register the place again.

For more information download the Radiation Protection Information Sheet No. 806 Process for Registration of a Radiation Place.

How to register

To register a radiation place follow these steps.

Step 1. Fill in an application to register a radiation place.
Step 2. Check the fee
Step 3. Submit your application and fee in one of the following ways: 

In person
Submit your application and fee at your nearest Receiver of Territory Monies Office

Email, fax or mail
Phone the Receiver of Territory monies on (08) 8943 6219 and pay the fee by credit card. 

Enter your payment receipt number on the application form and do one of the following:

Radiation Protection
Department of Health
PO Box 40596
Casuarina NT 0811

fax: (08) 8922 7334

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Last updated: 05 February 2020

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