Change or vary liquor licence conditions or authority

Changes to the NT Liquor Act

On 1 October 2019, liquor laws changed in the Northern Territory (NT).

Find out about changes to the NT liquor laws.

If you hold a liquor licence in the Northern Territory (NT), you can apply to change the conditions or authorities attached to it.

You should apply at least three months in advance to avoid any delays with your application.

For example, you might need to advertise your application or have it referred to the Liquor Commission for a public hearing before a decision can be made.

To apply to vary a liquor licence, follow these steps:

Step 1. Fill in an application to vary a liquor licence form.

Application to vary a liquor licence form PDF (182.8 KB)
Application to vary a liquor licence form  DOCX (64.6 KB)

Step 2. Submit your application with all supporting information and pay the fee at your nearest Territory Business Centre.

You can also email it and a copy of the receipt fee to

Check what supporting documents you will need

Read the application to find out what supporting documents you will need.

You must include these with your application.

If you don't, your application may be returned to you as incomplete.

Licensing NT may also ask you for additional documents. They will tell you.

Types of documents

Below are the types of supporting documents you may need to have ready to provide:

Can also include:

  • Development Consent Authority, building and planning permits if the application relates to different liquor authorities that need rezoning.
  • Evidence that public interest and community impact won't be affected through this process. Include a business or operational plan. Get the summary of impact assessment.

If your application is complete, Licensing NT will assess it and tell you if you need to advertise your application.

This involves displaying a notice outside your venue. It may also involve publishing a notice in a newspaper.

If you need to advertise your application, you will be notified within 14 days of your application being accepted.

Local authorities like NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services, and the Department of Health will be notified of your application and will be able to give feedback.

Once the advertising period is over, the Liquor Commission will review your application and issue a decision notice.

Last updated: 04 October 2021

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