Lotteries and community gambling

Making a complaint about a lottery

If you are dissatisfied with a trade lottery you can complain in writing to the Director-General of Licensing, who may investigate. The lottery organiser must demonstrate they have complied with the Act and any other conditions.

What to include in a complaint

Your complaint needs to be clear and you must include the following: 

  • name of the person conducting the trade lottery
  • date and location of the lottery
  • how the trade lottery was promoted
  • your particular concerns
  • permit number - if relevant and available.

Where to send a complaint

​Send your written complaint to the Director-General of Licensing at Licensing NT.

If a complaint is upheld

If the Director-General upholds your complaint after an investigation, they can direct the organiser of the lottery to do any of the following:

  • validate the draw
  • invalidate the draw and undertake another draw under the supervision of the Director-General
  • cancel the lottery or game of chance and take action. 


If the lottery organiser is found to have been in breach of the Act or regulations the following may apply:  

  • the permit may be revoked
  • the status of an approved association may be revoked and/or they may be fined 17 penalty units.

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Last updated: 14 March 2016

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