Deer, alpacas and llamas

If you want to import, keep or export deer, llamas and alpacas in the Northern Territory (NT), you must get a wildlife permit from the Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory.

Find out how to apply for a permit to:

Temporary permits

If you want to bring any of these animals into the NT for a short time, such as for a circus, you will only need an import and export permit.

Find out how to apply for a permit to import or export wildlife.

Property identification code

You must have a property identification code if you keep deer, alpacas or llamas, regardless of the size of your property, the number of livestock you have, or if they are pets.

Read how to get a property identification code.

Moving animals

You must complete a waybill if you want to move deer, alpacas and llamas off the property where they are kept in the NT.

Read more about moving and exporting livestock.


You can read publications and information sheets about these topics.

They are provided as general information only and specific professional advice should be sought on your particular situation. 

Last updated: 10 March 2016

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