Stone fruit

This page has information for commercial stone fruit growers in the Northern Territory (NT).

Stone fruit can be grown in Central Australia including apricots, nectarines, and peaches.

Grower advice

Stone fruit should be grown on a sandy loam soil with good drainage.

Low chill varieties are best suited to Central Australian conditions. 

Rootstocks should have nematode resistance, tolerance to high soil temperatures and high pH.

For more information read the stone fruit growing note PDF (239.9 KB).

Pest and disease management

Pest and diseases are minimal in Central Australia. The main pests are fruit fly, thrips and ringnecks.

Other insect pests

Visit the Northern Territory Insects Database to identify an insect pest and the damage it can cause.

General information

To read a range of general horticulture advice and information go to General advice for fruit and vegetable growers.

Industry associations

For information about the stone fruit industry  go to the Summerfruit Australia website or NT Farmers website.

Last updated: 13 April 2016

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