Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus


Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus is a plant disease found in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, some parts of the USA and Canada.

The virus was found in the Northern Territory (NT) in 2015. It has been accepted the virus can't be eradicated in the NT.

The focus is now on biosecurity and management to limit the spread of the virus.

It has been detected on 25 of 160 NT properties growing cucurbits. Most properties affected are large-scale watermelon farms.

It does not infect humans.

More information

For more information about cucumber green mottle mosaic virus read the following fact sheets:

To read about NT research into the virus go to the plant industries research page on the Department of Primary Industry and Resources website.

The virus has also been found in Queensland and Western Australia. For more information about these cases go to the following websites:

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Last updated: 05 February 2020

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