This page has information for commercial rambutan growers in the Northern Territory (NT).

Rambutans originated in south east Asia. More than 50 varieties have been introduced to Australia.

Around 15 are grown commercially.

In Australia they are grown around the coastal regions in North Queensland and Darwin.

The main varieties grown in Australia include Jitlee, R156, R167 and R134.

Originally from Malaysia and Indonesia, the rambutans are now produced in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Burma, Sri Lanka, Central America, the Philippines, Hawaii and Madagascar.

Australian growers are based around the coastal regions in North Queensland and Darwin.

Growing advice

Rambutan are commonly grown under nets in the Top End to reduce fruit damage. They can be grown in high density plantings via clonal marcotts or at regular spacing using seedlings.

For detailed grower information read the following Agnotes and technical bulletins:

Pest and disease management

Rambutan fruit attracts birds such as rainbow lorikeets, and flying foxes.

Rambutan fruit and tree foliage can also be damaged by insects such as castor oil looper, swarming leaf beetles, swarming weevils, plant hoppers, red-banded thrips, false spider mites, mealy bugs and scale.

Other insect pests

Visit the Northern Territory Insects Database to identify an insect pest and the damage it can cause.

Research results

View industry and scientific research for this fruit.

You can also search the online publication library to find the results of research regarding rambutan.

General information

For general horticulture advice and information, read general advice for fruit and vegetable growers.

Industry associations

For information about the industry go to the NT Farmers website.

Last updated: 17 January 2018

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