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This page has information about tropical fruit and other food crops which are grown on a small scale, or for niche markets, in the Northern Territory (NT).

Grower advice


Bushtucker crops are popular with the makers of specialty condiments. Many are harvested from the wild.

Get the Bushtucker in the Top End PDF (179.8 KB) fact sheet, which describes all of the following:

  • green plum
  • pandanus
  • red bush apple
  • tamarind
  • billy goat plum
  • wild grape
  • long yam
  • wild passionfruit
  • water lily.


Abiu is an exotic fruit that crops twice a year. Varieties Z4 and Z2 perform well in the NT.

For more information read the Agnote Abiu - emperor's golden fruit 1998 PDF (31.5 KB) and the technical bulletin Abiu - a botanical and agronomic review 1991 PDF (1.5 MB).


Table grapes are grown in Central Australia. Use rootstocks that are resistant to nematodes.

For more information read the publication Table grape industry in Central Australia PDF (6.4 MB) and the Agnote sampling vines for nutrition 2005 PDF (59.1 KB).


Papaya can be harvested year round in the Top End.

The most common variety is Red Lady. Others which perform well include NT Red, Hawaiian Sunrise Solo and Yellow.

Plants can be male, female or bisexual. Bisexual plants are self pollinating. One male plant is recommended for every 10 female plants.

For more information read the Agnote growing pawpaws 1998 PDF (35.0 KB).

Research results

Search the online publication library to find the results of research regarding individual fruit types.

Industry associations

For information about the tropical fruit growing industry visit the Australian Table Grape Association or the NT Farmers website.

Last updated: 17 January 2018

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