Apply for an emergency water infrastructure rebate

Financial support is available for livestock farmers that have been affected by drought.

You can apply for a 25% rebate on the cost of new infrastructure that supplies water for animal welfare.

The maximum claim is $25,000 per property, per financial year. The minimum is $25.

Funding is offered under the On-farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate scheme.


To be eligible, you must meet all the following:

  • be part of a partnership, company or trust that spends more than 50% of their labour on, and gets more than 50% of their gross income from, a primary production enterprise
  • be a property owner, share-farmer or lessee in the livestock industry
  • your property has been affected by drought
  • you haven't introduced any livestock on to the property during the drought affected period, including any livestock taken on for agistment
  • the water infrastructure is for livestock that you own or livestock that are permanently residing on your property
  • the water infrastructure is for genuine or imminent emergency animal welfare
  • if the project is complete, you have purchased and installed the water infrastructure, as evidenced by tax invoice, within six months of the date of application for the rebate.

The rebate applies to the purchase and installation of:

  • operational water infrastructure, including:
    • pipes, water tanks and water troughs
    • drilling a new working ground water bore by an NT licensed driller
    • water pumps and their power supply, including generators and solar powered units
    • other materials or equipment necessary to install the above
  • freight associated with the purchase and installation of the equipment
  • professional installation of the water infrastructure.

Emergency animal welfare

Only projects that are for emergency animal welfare are eligible.

A genuine or imminent emergency animal welfare need is when:

  • there is a lack of available water for livestock that are grazing on your property, or
  • the water that is available will be insufficient to sustain the livestock on the property, or
  • there is a lack of available water for livestock in a reasonable walking distance, which is generally considered to be at least 2km.

Watering points that are placed less than 4km apart will be considered excess to requirements unless you include evidence showing why your animals can't walk 2km.

The rebate does not apply if the water infrastructure you have purchased and installed is:

  • not for a genuine emergency animal welfare need
  • to replace existing water infrastructure on the property
  • for non-livestock uses including:
    • irrigation
    • household use
    • human consumption
  • excessive or extra to requirements in resolving the animal welfare need.

Costs you can't claim

You can't claim for any of the below:

  • wages for your employees
  • your self-assessed labour or machinery costs, such as the cost of fuel
  • costs or labour associated with establishing a new dam or making dams larger
  • invoices from entities related to the applicant, such as water infrastructure purchased from family members
  • repairs or maintenance on existing water infrastructure
  • costs or labour that are excessive or extra to requirements
  • costs associated with drilling of dry (non-operational) bores or test bores.

Applications are closed.

If you have any questions, call 08 8936 4089 or email

Last updated: 01 July 2021

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