Assessment criteria for release from pastoral rent

If you're applying to be released from paying rent on your pastoral lease, you must be able to demonstrate hardship.

The Minister for Environment can release you from paying rent if you meet certain criteria.

Applications are assessed on a two-tiered approach.

Tier one

Tier one criteria covers:

  • declared disasters
  • relative rainfall
  • feed outlook.

If you meet tier one criteria, you are highly likely to meet the eligibility requirements. Read below for more information.

Declared disasters

You can apply if you have been affected by a declared disaster. For example, a bushfire or cyclone.

To find out more, go to the Australian Government's Disaster Assist website.

Relative rainfall

You can apply if you have been affected by very dry or prolonged drought-like conditions.

To qualify, a pastoral district must have recorded the lowest 10th percentile rainfall over three years.

To find out more, go to the Queensland Government's Long Paddock website.

Feed outlook

You can apply if you have experienced ongoing below-average pasture growth.

If the outlook is predicted to be below average, you may be eligible for rent release.

To find out more, go to the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade website .

Tier two

Tier two covers other types of circumstances such as:

  • decrease in stock numbers
  • stocking rate
  • reduced income.

You can include other factors in your application as long as you can demonstrate hardship.

Decrease in stock numbers

Have herd numbers and livestock classes or stock sales been affected?

For example:

  • Has there been a decrease in overall stock numbers?
  • Has there been an increase in stock sales?
  • What is the cost of agistment and have you had to pay supplementary feeding costs?

You must provide evidence such as records showing stock levels. Stock level recordkeeping is required under the Pastoral Land Regulations 1992.

Stocking rate

Has stocking rate and carrying capacity been affected?

For example:

  • What is the current stocking rate and how does it compare to the estimated carrying capacity?
  • Has any stock been placed on agistment?

Reduced income

Can you provide evidence of reduced income or increased costs related to maintaining stock levels?


For more information, call Pastoral Lease Administration on 08 8999 4624.

Last updated: 02 September 2021

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