Important biodiversity conservation sites

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Sites of conservation significance list

The table below is a list of important conservation sites in the Northern Territory (NT).

Each site has an information page attached that shows values, management issues and current conservation programs.

Sites of conservation importance in the Northern Territory
Hyland Bay and associated coastal floodplainsAnson Bay and associated coastal floodplains
Daly River middle reachesFinnis River coastal floodplain
Fog BayDarwin Harbour
Howard sand plainsShoal Bay
Tiwi IslandsCobourg Peninsula
Croker Island groupAdelaide River coastal floodplain
Mary River coastal floodplainChambers Bay
Alligator Rivers coastal floodplainsWestern Arnhem Plateau
Maningrida coastal habitatsBoucaut Bay and associated coastal floodplains
Castlereagh Bay and associated islandsArafura Swamp
Buckingham Bay and associated coastal floodplainsElcho Island group
Wessel and English Company island groupsGove Peninsula and north-east Arnhem coast
Blue Mud Bay and associated coastal floodplainsGroote Eylandt group
Legune coastal floodplainKeep River area
Victoria River middle reaches and Gregory areaYinberrie Hills
Mataranka thermal poolsLimmen Bight and associated coastal floodplains
Sir Edward Pellew islands groupMcArthur River coastal floodplains
Borroloola areaWollogorang and China Wall sandstone ranges
Birrindudu wetlandsNongra Lake
Lake WoodsEva Downs Swamp
Tarrabool LakeLake Sylvester system
South-west Tanami DesertLake Surprise and the Lander River floodout swamps
Mud Hut SwampAnmatyerr North
Wood Duck SwampDavenport and Murchinson Ranges
Frew River floodout swampElkedra River floodout swamps
Dulcie Range and surroundsLake MacKay
Newhaven LakesLake Lewis and surrounds
Greater MacDonnell RangesMount Liebig and surrounds
Cleland Hills and surroundsGeorge Gill Range and surrounds
Lake Amadeus and Lake NealePetermann Ranges and surrounds
Uluru and surroundsMount Conner and surrounds
Karinga Creek paleodrainage systemWaterhouse Range
Rodinga Range and adjacent rangesAndado and Snake Creek lakes
Beddome Range and Wilyunpa Tablelands

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Last updated: 06 January 2021

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