Gould's wattled bat

The Gould's wattled bat is a protected species in the Northern Territory (NT). 

You should not interfere with this animal without a permit. Read more about wildlife permits.

The Gould's wattled bat is the most widespread bat in Australia. 

It is the largest species within its family in the NT and has fleshy lobes at the corner of its mouth.

It uses echolocation for foraging and navigation.

The species grows up to 7cm and weigh around 14g. 

These bats are active through the year in northern Australia, but will hibernate in cooler climates.


The Gould's wattled bat is found in forests or woodland and roosts in tree hollows. 

They can sometimes be found living in ceilings and basements of homes.

This bat roosts in groups of around 30 though they have been known to have groups of up to 200 bats.

Their diet includes insects, moths, beetles, cockroaches, caterpillars and crickets.

The birthing period from pregnancy to fledging lasts six to eight weeks. Generally this is in late spring or summer.


The Gould's wattled bat is slightly threatened by loss of habitat due to clearing and forestry. Currently the population levels are stable and the species is of least concern.

Last updated: 01 September 2015

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