Protect your child from sexual abuse

Be aware of the signs

People who could want to harm your child might 'groom' them for sexual abuse. 

They build up the trust of families so they can access the child. They may target vulnerable families by offering help and support.

They might target isolated or lonely children who respond well to special attention.

You should watch how your child reacts to others. Don't make them be around someone they are not comfortable with.

You should be concerned if an adult or older child:

  • often wants to spend time with young children rather than adults or children their own age
  • doesn't respect a child's personal space
  • asks sexual questions or ignores a child when they say 'No' to being kissed or touched
  • shows sexual pictures to children
  • talks about a child's developing body
  • makes fun of their private body parts
  • refers to children in sexual terms, such as 'sexy'
  • seeks a special friendship with a child or wants to be alone with them
  • tells children to keep secrets
  • is too generous with affections or gifts
  • shares alcohol or drugs with children.

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Last updated: 04 February 2016

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