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Quad bike safety

It is illegal for you to ride a quad bike on a public road or public place unless you have work-related conditional registration. Read about conditional registration.

A public place includes:

  • parks
  • crown land
  • beaches
  • or footpaths.

Quad bikes are not designed for the road.

They do not meet national safety standards for road use.

Safety tips for quad bike riders

You must wear the right safety gear, including:

  • an approved secure fitting helmet
  • jacket
  • pants
  • gloves
  • eye protection.

Find  out how you can ride safe on the Road Safety’s Towards Zero website.

Read the good gear guide to find out what motorcycle protective clothing you need to wear.

Stay grounded

You must keep all wheels on the ground at all times to avoid the risk of rollovers.

Don’t overload

You must not overload the quad bike.

Carrying loads will make it harder for you to control, especially on slopes.

Ride to your ability

To ride safely and react quickly to changing terrain and conditions you will need to have:

  • strength
  • weight
  • agility.

Get training

Training courses teach you how to operate these vehicles properly and safely.

Stay off-road

You must stay off road unless you have a conditional registration.

Never ride double

You must not share a single-seat. This can make these vehicles harder to handle and increases your risk of injury.

Kids on kids’ bikes

You must supervise children on and around quad bikes at all times.

You must not let children under the age of 16 years ride an adult-sized quad bike.

Conditional registration

You can apply for a conditional registration if you are required to use a quad bike for work-related purposes.

More information

To learn more about quad bikes and safety tips go to the Towards Zero website.

Read more on quad bike safety on the FarmSafe Australia website.

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Last updated: 26 May 2020

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