Jingili Primary School

The tables below show available bus routes for Jingili Primary School.

Routes of travel include:

  • inbound (i) - the bus is heading towards the school (morning only)
  • outbound (o) - the bus is heading away from the school (afternoon only).


Route Service informationDirectionsMap
34 Casuarina Interchange to Nightcliff Middle School - via Alawa, Moil, Jingili Primary School, Millner and Rapid Creek Route i34 directions PDF (35.8 KB)Route 34 map PDF (745.5 KB)
100 Berrimah to Darwin High School and Darwin Middle School - via Malak, Wulagi, Anula, Moil and Jingili Primary School Route i100 directions PDF (56.9 KB)Route 100 map PDF (396.9 KB)
106 Nightcliff Shopping Centre to Haileybury Rendall School - via Nightcliff, Moil, Anula, Wulagi and Malak Route i106 directions PDF (122.6 KB)Route 106 map PDF (1.4 MB)
206 Karama to Dripstone Middle School - via Malak, Wulagi, Moil, Jingili, Alawa Primary School, Casuarina Secondary College and Leanyer Route i206 directions PDF (40.5 KB)Route 206 map PDF (252.4 KB)


Route Service informationDirectionsMap
34 Nightcliff Middle School to Casuarina Interchange - via Rapid Creek, Jingili Primary School, Moil and Alawa Route o34 directions PDF (35.6 KB)Route 34 map PDF (745.5 KB)
66 Marrara Christian School to Casuarina Interchange - via Anula, Moil, Jingili, Alawa and Nakara Route o66 directions PDF (35.8 KB)Route 66 map PDF (729.6 KB)
100 Darwin Middle School and Darwin High School to Berrimah - via Jingili Primary School, Moil, Anula, Wulagi and Malak Route o100 directions PDF (40.9 KB)Route 100 map PDF (396.9 KB)
106 Haileybury Rendall School to Nightcliff - via Malak, Wulagi, Anula, Moil, Millner, Rapid Creek and Miller Route o106 directions PDF (73.0 KB)Route 106 map PDF (1.4 MB)
206 Dripstone Middle School to Karama - via Leanyer, Malak and O'Loughlin College Route o206 directions PDF (220.8 KB)Route 206 map PDF (252.4 KB)

Last updated: 01 February 2021

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