Tickets and cards

You can buy a paper ticket or a Tap and Ride card for travel on a public bus.

Paper tickets

You can buy a paper ticket on a bus using cash only, or at a bus interchange using cash or EFTPOS.

Paper tickets are issued for daily and single fares.

To find out if you need to buy a ticket to travel, go to bus fares and concessions.

Tap and Ride card


You can buy weekly or flexi trip fares, either at full or concession price.

The full fare card is green and the concession fare card is orange.

The card is rechargeable and you can top it up whenever you like at all bus interchanges and on buses - up to $40 full fare or $14 concession fare.

Travel cards are not transferable and each person travelling will need to purchase their own card.

You can't use your travel card to pay another person's fare at the same time as your own. This will ensure you are only charged for one trip at a time.

Each time you board a bus tap your card on the card reader next to the bus driver.

Hold the card steady for a couple of seconds until you hear the beep. This tells you the fare has been deducted.

The card reader will not deduct further fares or trips if you tap a few times in a row.

If you board more than one bus before the expiry time of your fare the card reader will automatically acknowledge your fare payment.

The card reader will display a message that this is a 'follow on' trip and will not deduct further funds from your card.

You do not need to 'tap off' when you exit the bus.

The card reader will not deduct further fares or trips if you tap a few times in a row. The first tap will deduct your fare and you will not be charged again if you tap again straight after.

You can top up your Tap and Ride card on board the bus using cash.

Each time you tap your card on a card reader on a bus the card reader will display:

  • the expiry date of your card if you have a weekly fare
  • or the number of trips remaining if you have a flexi trip fare.

You can ask the bus driver to check the balance on your card. You can also visit the ticket office at any bus interchange and a customer service officer will check the balance for you.

Your Tap and Ride card is valuable. You should look after it and keep it safe. Lost Tap and Ride cards cannot be refunded.

If you have lost your Tap and Ride card you should submit a lost property form and if found your card may be returned to you.

If your Tap and Ride card shows signs of physical damage it will not be investigated or refunded.

If your card doesn't work when you tap it on a card reader and you have credit, take it to a ticket office at any interchange, along with evidence of identity and the receipt of your purchase.

The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics will investigate the fault and may give you a new card.

You can also phone (08) 8924 7666 to speak to a customer service officer.

Last updated: 19 July 2018


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