Bus alerts and route changes

This page has the latest information on unexpected or temporary changes to bus routes and timetables.

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Mitchell Street closure - 17 September

All public buses headed to Darwin city on Sunday 17 September 2017 will be diverted to Cavenagh Street. 

Temporary bus stops will be located outside Colemans Printing and the Post Office building. 

Route OL2 - Karama shops

Route OL2 will leave Karama shops five minutes earlier from Monday, 10 April 2017.

Route 4c - Saint Pauls primary school

Route 4c will no longer stop at St Paul's primary school from Tuesday, 18 April 2017.

Any passengers joining the route 4c service at bus stop 160 Francis St should catch:

  • the route 11 - due at bus stop 160 Francis Street at 2.51pm
  • or the route 10 - from bus stop 114 Trower Road due at 2.47pm.

Route 4c will now arrive at the Lakeside Drive bus stops at 2.51pm and Charles Darwin University
at 2.55pm.

Royal Darwin Hospital - extension of route 1 and route 1h

Routes 1 and 1h will be extended to include Bambatj Road at Royal Darwin Hospital from Monday, 10 April 2017.

Additional bus stops have been installed on Bambatj Road and Florey Avenue.

Route 21 extension

Route 21 will be extended to include Bambatj Road at Royal Darwin Hospital from Monday, 10 April 2017.

The route 21 bus will no longer pick up passengers at stop 008 - the Darwin Private Hospital. 

Passengers should use bus stop 968 opposite the Royal Darwin Hospital entrance or bus stop 100 on Rocklands Drive.

Royal Darwin Hospital bus stop relocation

From Monday October 3, all Royal Darwin Hospital passengers will be picked up and dropped off at the new bus stop on the outbound side of Florey Avenue.

The temporary bus stop on Florey Avenue will close.

A stop on the inbound side of the Florey Avenue may be added in the future.

Public buses

Changes to public bus routes and timetables are listed below.

Changes to bus route 24

The route 24 bus will include Asche Street in Muirhead from Monday 26 June 2017.

Bus stops have been installed on Furhmann Street and Asche Street.

Stop 843 on Lee Point Road has been moved to between Asche Street and Fitzmaurice Drive on Lee Point Road.

The route 24 timetable will not change. To see a map of the changes get the public notice for bus route 24 (222.6 kb).

Changes to bus routes 447 and 450

Bus routes 447 and 450 will deviate from Saturday 24 June to Saturday 22 July 2017. This is due to roadworks on Whitewood Road.

These buses will travel via Stow Road, Fitzgerald Road, Yates Road, Madsen Road, Avocet Place, Thornbill Crescent and Hamilton Road.

Temporary bus stops will be placed near the intersections of Whitewood and Stow roads and also Hamilton and Whitewood roads.

To see a map of the changes get the public notice for bus routes 447 and 450 (453.2 kb).

Changes to Alice Springs bus routes

From Monday 31 October, all Asbus services into Alice Springs will go via Hartley St.  A new bus stop has been located on Hartley St between Stott and Gregory terraces.

This change is due to ongoing maintenance issues with the Gregory St roundabout.

Changes to bus route 500 - Alice Springs

The following changes have been made to the route of travel for route 500 in Alice Springs.

From Monday October 31, the route 500 bus will leave Alice Springs interchange and travel via Gregory Tce, Hartley St, Parsons St and Stuart Highway.

The bus will pick up from the Post Office bus stop on Hartley St.

Bath Street road works - Alice Springs

Passengers please note that due to the Bath Street road works Asbus services are unable to use Bus Stop 1023.

From Friday 16 September 2016 passengers are advised to use Bus Stop 1000, Alice Springs Interchange on Railway Terrace until further notice.

Changes to bus route 14 - Monday 25 July 2016

Passengers are advised that from Monday 25 July 2016 the 4.45pm Route 14 service to Cullen Bay will now depart Darwin Interchange five minutes earlier at 4.40pm.

The route 14c deviation at 4.30pm to the waterfront will no longer operate.

Buses to the Malak Marketplace

Additional route 12 bus services will operate for the Malak Marketplace season from Saturday 30 April until Saturday 29 October. Buses will depart Casuarina Interchange at 7.20pm, 8.25pm and 9.15pm.

Regional buses

Normal service.

For general bus enquiries or feedback call (08) 8924 7666, Monday to Friday, 6.45am to 4.30pm or submit your feedback online.

Last updated: 07 September 2017