Grids on roads

It is the Northern Territory (NT) Government's long term aim that grids be eliminated from public roads and that the road is instead fenced where practical.

As a landholder or lessee, you can apply to put in a new grid only on rural arterial roads in exceptional circumstances where fencing is not an option.

New grids are not allowed to be installed on national highways. There are also rules for existing grids.

Existing grids

Relocation or upgrade of grid

The government will cover the cost of relocating or upgrading grids on NT Government roads if it is part of a government road project. The construction of the grid will form part of the road works contract.

The maintenance costs for the grid will also be covered by the government if it's on a multi-user road.

Apply for new grid on rural arterial road

Before you apply

You must apply to be able to install a new grid – the NT Government won't accept applications for grids that have already been installed.

All grids erected on public roads must conform to NT Government standards including:

Generally all grids should be built with approach slabs. Only in exceptional circumstances can you build a grid without an approach slab.

How to apply

To apply for grids, email or call 08 8924 7252.

Last updated: 14 August 2020

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