Memorials on roads

A monument is a permanent commemoration of a significant person or event relevant to the Northern Territory (NT).

A memorial is a marker of a fatality site, a cross or a floral tribute.

You can:

Memorials must not obscure traffic control devices or signs.

A monument can only be approved by the Minister for Transport or their delegate.

Apply to place a memorial on a road reserve

Before you apply

You are only allowed to place a memorial or monument if you agree to regularly maintain it.

Rules for materials and placement

The monument or memorial must:

  • not cause a traffic hazard
  • be a simple design that doesn't distract drivers
  • be a reasonable size
  • be firmly fixed
  • not be created from litter
  • not be a plant or tree
  • be at least 1m from the back of kerbs or footpaths
  • be at least 4m from the edge of the bitumen if there is no kerb
  • not be erected on central medians with a width less than six metres
  • not be erected within 25m of an intersection.

Removal of memorial or monument

If you don't maintain your memorial or monument, it can be removed by the NT Government.

Your memorial or monument can also be removed if neighbouring residents complain.

When visiting the memorial or monument you must:

  • show due care and consideration for other road users
  • not use glass material or containers.

Removal due to road works

Your memorial or monument may be removed due to road works. It's your responsibility to put the memorial or monument back in its place once the road works are complete.

The NT Government does not take any responsibility if your memorial or monument is damaged.

How to apply

To apply to place a memorial or monument, email or call 08 8924 7104.

Report a memorial or monument on the road reserve

You can report a memorial or monument on the road reserve if:

  • it is a road safety hazard
  • or it is not being maintained.

You should find out who manages the road that the memorial or monument is located on, and then contact that authority.

Last updated: 14 August 2020

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