Driver licence suspension and disqualification

The Northern Territory (NT) Fines Recovery Unit can suspend your driver licence if you don't pay your fine on time.

If you get a fine, you must pay it. It won't go away.

You can be given a fine by any of the following:

  • councils - for parking offences
  • NT police - for traffic and vehicle offences such as speeding, drink driving and not wearing your seatbelt
  • park rangers - for breaches of fishing regulations
  • NT courts - for public order offences like disorderly conduct.

Suspension due to fines

To lift the suspension from your NT driver licence you must contact the Fines Recovery Unit to pay your fine.

The Fines Recovery Unit can also help you work out ways to pay your fine such as:

  • setting up a payment plan over a period of time
  • making an agreement to pay the fine so you won't get further penalties.

Suspension due to demerit points

Your licence may be suspended if you receive a certain amount of demerit points.

Find out more about demerit points.

Suspension due to a medical condition

If your licence has been suspended due to a medical condition you will need to have a medical assessment to show you are fit to drive.

Penalties for interstate and overseas drivers

If you have a licence from another state or country you may have your right to drive in the NT suspended for the following reasons:

  • you have lived in the NT for more than three months and have not changed your licence over
  • you have received the maximum demerit points allowed for visiting drivers
  • the MVR believes your previous conduct or medical fitness to drive is likely to put you or the public at risk.

Disqualification for serious driving offences

If you are convicted by a court of a serious driving offence your licence can be disqualified. The length of your disqualification can vary.

Find out more about traffic offences and penalties.

Last updated: 20 July 2017

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