Vehicle standards for CPVs

Taxi vehicle standards

Passenger numbers

Taxis can carry up to 15 passengers if the vehicle is suitably equipped and approved.

A multi-purpose taxi (MPT) is licensed to carry at least four passengers in addition to at least one passenger in a wheelchair.

A substitute taxi is a vehicle that can be on standby for an existing taxi that is unavailable due to service or repair.

The holder of the taxi licence must ensure that any injury to a taxi driver is covered by a policy of insurance. The policy should provide cover for income loss and medical expenses relating to the injury.

Taxi meters

The Northern Territory Government regulates taxi fares.

Taxi meters must be calibrated to each vehicle.

You must also get your taxi meter certified every year. Meters must be accurate and show the correct set fares.

It is against the law to interfere with a taxi meter.

For more information read the Northern Territory taxi in-service maintenance standards PDF (673.3 KB).

Communication devices

Any device used to communicate with or co-ordinate a commercial passenger vehicle must first be approved by the department. This includes:

  • dispatching systems
  • mobile phones.

Roof signs

A taxi must be fitted with a roof sign that meets all of the following:

  • can be illuminated in the standard white colour
  • has the word 'TAXI' displayed on the front
  • has two tariff indicator lights indicating the rate being charged on the taxi meter.

The taxi driver must not operate a taxi for hire unless the word 'TAXI' on the roof sign is illuminated. The word 'TAXI' must not be illuminated when the taxi contains a passenger.

For more information read the Northern Territory taxi in-service maintenance standards PDF (673.3 KB).

Security cameras

Taxis and minibuses must have an approved security camera system fitted that is tested and certified by an authorised person.

Taxis and minibuses must not operate for hire or reward if the security camera is not functioning.

Each system fitted to a vehicle must comply with the Northern Territory taxi and minibus security camera specifications.

To find out more, go to the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics website.

If you are involved in the management of security cameras in taxis and minibuses, you must read the Northern Territory taxi and minibus operational requirements in relation to onboard systems PDF (238.1 KB).

This includes:

  • operators
  • drivers
  • suppliers
  • inspectors.

Once the security camera system has been approved by the department, operators must have the system fitted to their vehicles by an approved installer.

Operators must keep the system in good working order and have it tested and certified by an authorised person at least once every 12 months.

Security camera systems must not be transferred to other vehicles without full re-certification by an authorised person.

An operator may email a fault notification report security camera system PDF (65.3 KB) when the security system has been assessed as not working.

You can email the form to

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Last updated: 11 October 2019

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