Heavy vehicle theory test

This page provides information about the heavy vehicle theory test.

You will be tested on your knowledge for all of the following:

  • general road rules that apply to all drivers
  • specific rules that apply to heavy vehicle drivers
  • vehicle dimensions that apply to heavy vehicles
  • how to safely secure a load
  • tyres, wheels and axle load limits for standard heavy vehicle configurations
  • rules that apply to heavy vehicle drivers in other jurisdictions. Read more information about specific rules that apply to driving heavy vehicles interstate.

To prepare for the heavy vehicle knowledge test you should study the heavy vehicle drivers’ handbook, NT road users’ handbook and the load restraint guide.

These publications contain all the information you need to pass the heavy vehicle knowledge test.

When you feel confident that you know all the information from the handbooks, you can take the practice driver knowledge test.

There are two heavy vehicle theory tests:

For heavy vehicle rigid licence classes, you can do the theory test at an MVR office or with your approved training provider.

For heavy vehicle articulated licence classes, you must go to an approved training provider to complete your training course and theory knowledge test.

The test has 30 multiple choice questions which are selected from a pool of more than 250 questions.

You must get at least 26 out of 30 questions correct to pass. You can take the practice heavy vehicle knowledge test before you sit your real test.

You can take a test at any MVR office up to one hour before the office closes.

To take a test you should follow these steps:

Step 1. Make sure you are eligible for the relevant heavy vehicle licence.

Step 2. Provide evidence of your ID (your current NT drivers licence).

Step 3. Pay the theory test fee before you can begin.

If you pass and you don't want to immediately apply for your licence, the result will remain valid for 12 months.

Applicants undertaking heavy vehicle licence training and assessment with an approved training provider are not required to do the heavy vehicle knowledge test with MVR.

Last updated: 11 February 2022

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