Government staff secondments

This page has information on current secondment opportunities for Northern Territory (NT) Government staff and information on how positions are filled.

In a secondment an employee is temporarily transferred from one organisation to another for an agreed period.

Current secondment opportunities

Administration manager/ executive officer - Darwin Community Legal Service (234.1 kb)

Applications for this role close 1 October 2018. To find out more call 08 8982 1111 or email

How NGO positions are filled

Below is a step-by-step guide for how NGO positions are filled:

Step 1. Suitable vacancies in the NGO sector are submitted to the Social Policy Coordination, Department of the Chief Minister for consideration for the secondment trial program.

Step 2. The position is assessed by a panel for inclusion into the secondment trial program.

Step 3. If approved for the program, the position is advertised on the NT Government internet.

Step 4. Any NT government employee can apply for the position.

Step 5. The NGO determines and manages the recruitment process for the position. Noting that recruitment is not restricted to NT government staff.

Step 6. NGO appoints to the position.

Step 7. If an NT government employee is appointed to the position, they must fill in a standard secondment agreement with their home agency.

Standard secondment agreement - memo template (51.3 kb)
Standard secondment agreement - memo template (63.1 kb)

Employees may also need to fill in a superannuation form.

Superannuation form (145.6 kb)
Superannuation form (147.9 kb)

Go to the Superannuation Office page of the Department of Treasury and Finance website for more information.

Secondment background

The aim of the NT government/NGO Trial is to increase the number of NT Government staff undertaking a secondment.

Stage one is a trial of the process focusing on secondments to the NGO community services sector.

Read more about NT government secondments in the Broadening our Horizons guide (595.1 kb).

By taking placements in a new agency or sector, employees develop personally and professionally while the NT Government benefits from new skills and knowledge.

Read the framework for rules, responsibilities and expectations of both NT government and staff.

Framework (62.6 kb)
Framework (205.9 kb)

Last updated: 20 September 2018