Working With Interpreter Training (WWIT)

Working with professional Aboriginal interpreters is the most effective way to make sure your Aboriginal clients understand you, and that they can fully express themselves.

The Aboriginal Interpreter Service offers training for service providers to improve communication with Aboriginal Territorians who do not speak English as a first language.

It gives organisations a better understanding of how to interact with people from culturally, conceptually and linguistically different backgrounds.

You will:

  • find out how interpreters can be used in your field, and the benefits of doing so
  • gain practical knowledge of how to work effectively with an interpreter
  • learn how to arrange an interpreter through the Aboriginal Interpreter Service.

What the workshop covers

A standard workshop is 90 minutes and includes:

  • an introduction to how different languages work
  • an overview of Aboriginal languages spoken in the Northern Territory
  • why context is important in communication
  • how to avoid common areas of miscommunication
  • how to communicate in plain English
  • how to work with an interpreter effectively
  • practical tips for booking and using interpreters.

Sessions can be customised to suit your organisation's needs. This may involve a fee.

When the workshops are held

Free workshops are scheduled for the dates below.

DarwinKatherineAlice Springs

Monday 26 February
Monday 26 March
Monday 23 April
Monday 21 May
Monday 18 June
Monday 16 July
Monday 13 August
Monday 10 September
Monday 8 October
Monday 5 November

Tuesday 27 March
Tuesday 29 May
Tuesday 31 July
Tuesday 25 September
Tuesday 27 November

Monday 12 February
Monday 12 March
Monday 9 April
Monday 7 May
Monday 4 June
Monday 2 July
Monday 30 July 
Monday 27 August
Monday 24 September
Monday 22 October
Monday 19 November
Monday 20 December

Free sessions are also offered during visits to remote communities.

Legal workshops

Legal workshops for professionals working with interpreters in legal settings are held in Darwin on the following dates:

Thursday 15 February
Thursday 15 March
Thursday 19 April
Thursday 17 May
Thursday 21 June
Thursday 19 July
Thursday 16 August
Thursday 20 September
Thursday 18 October
Thursday 15 November
Thursday 20 December

Off-site sessions

Training sessions at your organisation can be tailored to address the needs or challenges of your organisation or profession. Fees apply.

How to book

For on-site and remote session bookings contact

For off-site sessions fill in the online training request form.

Last updated: 02 February 2018


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