Community benefit fund: minor community grants

How to manage your grant

Grants during caretaker period

If you lodge a grant after 1 July, it will take longer than the normal four weeks to assess. You may not receive a response until early October.

You can't start your project until your grant is approved.

You must wait until you receive formal advice from us before you buy any goods, services or equipment.

This page contains information on how to manage your minor community grant.


You must submit request for variations to funding agreements in writing to the community benefit fund (CBF) secretariat.

You have the right to any intellectual property developed as a result of your project.

The Northern Territory (NT) Government has the right to use the intellectual property without cost in furthering its objectives and purposes.

Details of successful and unsuccessful grant applications may be published or used by the NT Government in any form and at any time.

These details may include:

  • name of applicant organisation
  • amount of funding
  • project details
  • any special approval conditions
  • reasons for approval or non-approval
  • photos.

You may be contacted for feedback on your application experience.

Your participation is voluntary and does not affect how applications are assessed or monitored.

Funding approval may be withdrawn at any time.

This may happen if there is a change in circumstances or your organisation or project is not financially viable.

You must acquit your minor community grant within 12 months from the date you received payment.

You can acquit earlier if the project has been completed or will  not proceed.

If you do not acquit your grant, you will not be able to apply for other CBF grants.

You are not required to return any unspent funds less than $100.

If you have more than $100 of unspent funds left, you must refund the CBF.

You can refund the money by either:

  • cheque payable to the Receiver of Territory Monies
  • or contact the CBF secretariat and request an invoice to be created that will allow for electronic payment.

Grant acquittals are incomplete until all money subject to the refund policy is received.

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Last updated: 22 June 2020

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