Transgender and gender diverse: adults

This page provides information on health and wellbeing services for transgender and gender diverse adults in the Northern Territory (NT).

You can choose from a range of health professionals and support groups.

They will help you make choices about health care and services.

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Steps you can take

Below is information on steps you can take. You can take these steps at different times, and repeat steps if needed.

Step 1. Getting information and professional support

Let your doctor know that you are questioning your gender and want to talk about it.

You can also contact the Northern Territory AIDS and Hepatitis Council (NTAHC) for support.

Step 2. Finding peer and social support services

Social support will connect you with other people going through similar experiences.

Sharing your story can help improve your mental and physical health.

Contact the NTAHC for services in the NT.

Step 3. Talking to health specialists

You should talk to an experienced LGBTQI doctor.

They can provide information about general health care as well as expert advice on assessment for gender dysphoria (GD) and treatment options for transition processes.

LGBTQI experienced mental health specialist

These are mental health specialists in gender issues and include clinical psychologists and psychiatrists.


Endocrinologists are medical doctors specialising in hormones and how they work. They can prescribe hormone treatment to make a physical transition in gender.

Speech pathologists

This is a specialist area of voice therapy to help change your voice and communication manner.

Experienced and specialised surgeons in gender reassignment

Surgical options include breast augmentation or reduction and plastic surgery procedures.

Sex reassignment surgery is not available through the NT public health system, however doctors can provide referrals and interstate contacts.

For more information

Read the below guides for more information for transgender and gender diverse adults.

Last updated: 02 October 2018

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