Pregnancy screening and testing

Scheduled pregnancy check ups

This page has suggestions for when pregnant women in the Northern Territory (NT) should schedule medical check ups.

These recommendations should be used as a guide only. You may need more visits than what is recommended below. 

Find out more about birthing services in the Top End or birthing services in Central Australia.

Recommended hospital visits

Alice Springs, Darwin and Katherine

If you live in Alice Springs, Darwin or Katherine, you should visit the hospital where you plan to give birth to your baby when your pregnancy reaches:

  • before 10 weeks to confirm your pregnancy with a midwife or doctor
  • 14 weeks - for Royal Darwin Hospital this is 14 to 17 weeks
  • 16 weeks
  • 20 weeks
  • 24 weeks
  • 28 weeks
  • 32 weeks
  • 36 weeks
  • 41 weeks to discuss inducing the baby if not yet born.

To get an appointment at the hospital you need a referral from a general practitioner (GP). 

Make sure you have your correct address and contact details with your GP, so you can be contacted for your appointment. Leave at least two weeks for the hospital to receive and respond to your referral.

Gove District Hospital

If you live in the Gove district, it is recommended that you visit the hospital when your pregnancy reaches:

  • 20 weeks
  • 24 weeks
  • 36 weeks
  • 41 weeks to discuss inducing the baby if not yet born.

Remote areas

If you live in a remote area, you may only need to travel to the hospital at 37 weeks to await the arrival of your baby. This will depend on you and your baby's health.

You will need to go to hospital between 18 and 20 weeks for an ultrasound. You will also have other health checks done by your community midwife each month.

Find out more about birthing and remote areas.

If you are an Aboriginal woman and live in Canteen Creek, Utopia or Yuendumu, you can access the strong women, strong babies, strong culture program. For more information call (08) 8955 6106

Antenatal schedule of care

Between 14 and 32 weeks you will be seen about once a month. From 32 weeks your visits will be around once a fortnight.

You should see your doctor, midwife or community care clinic staff when your pregnancy reaches each of the following milestones:

  • early to confirm pregnancy
  • 14 to 17 weeks
  • 20 to 22 weeks
  • 24 weeks
  • 28 weeks
  • 32 weeks
  • 34 weeks
  • 37 weeks
  • 39 weeks
  • 40 weeks (due date).

After 40 weeks you will have discussions with your doctor or midwife about inducing the baby if it has not been born.

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Last updated: 12 May 2016

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