Your rights as a hospital patient

As a patient, you have certain rights and responsibilities. 

You can also expect to be given straightforward information about public hospital services and what you can expect. 

These are written in the Public Hospital Patient Charter and include all of the following:

  • when charges apply
  • your access to medical records
  • how you can complain if you are unhappy about your treatment in a hospital.

Read more on the Public Hospital Patient Charter.

Your rights

You can expect all of the following:

  • to have access to information and services to address your needs
  • participate in making decision and choices about your healthcare
  • have your personal privacy and confidentiality respected
  • be treated with care, dignity and respect
  • be helped in taking control of managing your own health and wellbeing
  • know the name of the person providing your care
  • have any concerns or queries about your health care responded to appropriately
  • have the right to refuse treatment, to the extent permitted by the law
  • have access to an interpreter or translate if you need help.

Your responsibilities

You must do all of the following:

  • treat staff with respect and courtesy
  • provide accurate and timely information about your health and wellbeing
  • tell staff if there are changes in your medication or treatment
  • carry out your part of the agreed healthcare plan
  • advise if you are unable to keep an appointment
  • ensure service providers are not at risk while attending to your healthcare.


For feedback and complaints go to the client complaints and suggestions page of the Department of Health's website..

Last updated: 06 February 2019

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