Needle and syringe program

The Needle and Syringe Program (NSP) can provide you with sterile injecting equipment and safe sharps disposal.

The program provides a range of services which can include free:

  • needle and syringes
  • safe disposal
  • tokens for the after hours dispensing units (ADUs)
    • read below to find out more about ADUs
  • education and health promotion on safe injecting practices
  • referrals to drug treatment programs and support.

The NSP aims to prevent the spread of blood borne viruses and other harms from injecting drugs. It does this by reducing the sharing or reuse of injecting equipment.

There are several types of NSP outlets in the Northern Territory (NT) known as primary and secondary outlets. Some pharmacies are also outlets.

Look for the NSP logo to help identify if the outlet participates.

Northern Territory Needle and Syringe Program logo

NSP Outlets

Primary outlets

There are three NSP primary outlet locations in the NT - Darwin, Palmerston and Alice Springs.

These outlets are run by the Northern Territory AIDS and Hepatitis Council (NTAHC).

Primary outlets offer:

  • a large range of free injecting equipment
  • 24 hour disposal of equipment
  • staffing by peers (people with experience of injecting)
  • education and health promotion on safe injecting practices
  • free tokens for the after hours dispensing units (ADUs).

For locations, opening times and contact information, go to the NTAHC website.

Secondary outlets

There are 10 NSP secondary outlets in the NT.

These outlets are run by Clinic 34, some emergency departments (Alice SpringsKatherineTennant Creek and Nhulunbuy) and the Yulara medical centre.

Get the contact details for Yulara medical centre on the Health Direct website.

Secondary outlets offer:

  • a limited range of injecting equipment for free
  • limited disposal facilities.

Some secondary outlets offer tokens for the after hours dispensing units (ADU).

Pharmacy outlets

There are 16 NSP pharmacy outlets in the NT.

Pharmacy outlets provide a limited range of injecting equipment for sale. Some also have disposal facilities.

Get a list of pharmacy locations and contact information on the NTAHC website.

After hours dispensing units

After hours dispensing units (ADU) provide 24-hour access to sterile injecting equipment for free in Darwin, Palmerston, Katherine and Alice Springs.

ADUs are token operated and do not accept coins.

A token can be collected for free from an NSP outlet in the area.

Each pack dispensed from an ADU contains a token so that you can access the equipment you need.

Find out more about ADUs on the NTAHC website.


For more information about the NSP, call the Public Health Unit Directorate Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus program on 08 8922 8538.

Last updated: 17 February 2021

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