Bladder, kidney and prostate cancers

Kidney cancer

Kidney cancers are more common as you get older. Some kidney cancers can be caused by smoking but most have no known cause. 

Early detection

There are no screening tests for kidney cancer.


You should go to the doctor if you notice blood in your urine or have pain in the loin.

Initial diagnosis

Kidney cancers may be found incidentally on x-rays or scans performed for other reasons.

They are diagnosed using a CT scan. You may also need a biopsy but this is not usually necessary.


Small kidney cancers, especially in the elderly, don't need treatment and are monitored.

If the cancer is confined to the kidney you may need an operation to remove part or all of the kidney.

All the facilities and specialists required to diagnose and treat kidney cancer are available in the Northern Territory.

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Last updated: 12 May 2016

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