Cancer clinical trials

Royal Darwin Hospital and the Alan Walker Cancer Care Centre participate in a series of clinical trials in cancer. Research investigates better methods of cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

If you are a cancer patient and are eligible for clinical trials, you will be approached by your doctor to discuss taking part in the relevant research.

You can be involved in clinical trials in different ways, including:

  • giving permission for your medical records to be accessed and/or included on cancer registries
  • completing surveys
  • agreeing to be reviewed more regularly by health professionals
  • accessing experimental therapies as well as standard cancer treatment
  • trialling approved cancer treatments in a new way or in a different type of cancer.

Clinical trials researchers follow strict guidelines to make sure studies are as safe as possible for everyone involved. All studies need to be approved by specially appointed research and ethics committees before they can begin.

By taking part in a clinical trial you can contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge and, in some cases, the chance to improve your outcome or the outcome of others with the same cancer.

For more information go to the Australian clinical trials website.

Last updated: 10 October 2016

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