Temporary vacancy of your public housing home

If you need to leave your public house for more than 30 days and want to return, you may be able to either: 

  • apply for a caretaker tenancy
  • or give up your tenancy and be given another house when you return. 

Reasons you can leave

Acceptable reasons may include any of the following:

  • interstate or overseas holiday
  • looking after a sick family member or getting medical treatment
  • study or temporary employment
  • entering a residential rehabilitation program
  • need to leave temporarily due to domestic violence
  • imprisonment. 

Caretaker tenancy

This means you ask someone to live in your house, called a caretaker, for up to six weeks. 

Depending on the circumstances, they may be allowed to stay for up to six months.

The caretaker tenancy must not be longer than the time remaining on your fixed-term lease.

For more information, contact your local housing office.

Last updated: 23 October 2015

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