Look after your public housing home

Looking after your kitchen

Benches and sinks

You should clean your kitchen benches and sink every day.

Wipe kitchen benches and sinks, especially after you have been preparing food.

Remember, do not use the kitchen cloth anywhere else so germs do not spread.

Stove and oven

Clean the stove and oven. Make sure all the food and grease is removed.

Cupboards and shelving

Wipe out cupboards and shelving, especially ones that you keep food in – this will help stop pests and bugs such as cockroaches.

Food in cupboards should be kept in closed containers or sealed bags.

Tighten screws if the door handles are loose. You can use a screw driver or butter knife to do this.


Wipe out the sink regularly.

Don’t put any food or other items down the drain as this will block it.

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Last updated: 18 August 2015

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