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Light bulbs and smoke alarms

Smoke alarms

Maintaining your smoke alarm is important as they help keep your family safe in a fire.

Some smoke alarms have batteries and you will need to replace them when they run out or go flat. 

You should clean smoke alarms regularly and report any damage to your smoke alarms. 

If your smoke alarm is beeping report to your officer or local housing maintenance officer. 

Light bulbs

You have to replace light bulbs and fluorescent tubes when they don’t work.

You can buy spare light bulbs and fluorescent tubes at your local shop.

There are many different types of light bulbs, so make sure you know what type you need.

How to change a light bulb

To change the light bulb follow these steps.

1. Before removing the old bulb make sure the switch is turned off. 

2. Remove the old light bulb or fluorescent tube. 

3. Put the old bulb or tube in the bin straight away.

4. Fit the new bulb or tube. Do not over-tighten or press on the bulb too much as it might break.

5. Turn on the light to make sure it works.

Types of light bulbs and tubes


These bulbs have two prongs on the side of the base. They are fitted by pushing them up into the socket and turning half a turn to the right. These bulbs are expensive to run and blow easily.

Edison screw 

These bulbs do not have prongs and are screwed into the socket. They are called incandescent. They are expensive to run. 

Energy saving

You can replace your bulbs with energy saving bulbs which use less electricity but give the same amount of light. They are more expensive to buy but last a lot longer and are cheaper to use.

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Last updated: 18 August 2015

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