Look after your public housing home

Cleaning your bathroom and toilet

Bathrooms and toilets must be kept clean and well maintained. This will stop mould growing and germs spreading.

Don't use the cloth you clean the bathroom with anywhere else in the house.


Wipe basins out regularly. Using a cleaning agent to remove stubborn dirt. 

Don't put any rubbish or items down the drain.

Remove hairs form the drain regularly so it doesn't get blocked.

Shower and bath

Clean around the taps.

Wipe the bath and the shower walls.

If there is mould, use white vinegar or a bathroom cleaner.

Remove hairs from the drain regularly so it doesn’t get blocked.

Don’t put any rubbish or items down the drain.


Scrub the toilet with a brush and disinfectant or toilet cleaner to stop germs from spreading.

Wipe over the outside of the toilet and cistern with a cloth and disinfectant.

Don't flush anything down the toilet except for toilet paper.

You must put everything else in the bin - like nappies, rubbish or personal products.


Sweep and mop bathroom floors daily.

Wipe up spills or slippery areas immediately.

Make sure the floor drain is not covered up.

Remove hairs and any other rubbish regularly from the floor drain.

Remember to rinse and dry the mop after it is used to stop mould growing.

Rails and fixtures such as soap holders

Wipe with a cloth.

Check they are not loose or slippery.

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Last updated: 18 August 2015

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