Look after your public housing home

Cleaning checklist for your public housing home

You are responsible for keeping your public housing home clean.

Cleaning your house regularly helps keep your family healthy.

Your local housing officer will check how clean your house is during regular inspections.

Cleaning to do every day

Kitchens, benches and sinks, and empty inside rubbish bins. 

Cleaning to do every week

You should clean all of the following:

  • bathrooms
  • toilet
  • floors
  • dusting. 

Cleaning to do every month

You should clean or check all of the following:

  • stove and oven
  • cupboards and shelving
  • fans
  • windows and lourves
  • walls, doors, light switches and power points. 

Cleaning products and tools

Toilet cleaning products

You can use toilet cleaner and disinfectant. White vinegar is also an effective cleaner and is cheap to buy and safe to use.

Every room cleaning products

Vinegar and bicarb soda are cheap, good cleaning products.

You can buy products made to clean particular things, such as ovens, windows, showers, bathrooms and floors. 

Read the cleaning instructions for safety. 

Always keep these products in a locked cupboard or high off the ground so young children cannot get to them. Most cleaning can be done with white vinegar which is cheap to buy and safe to use.

Cleaning cloths

So you don’t spread germs, always use one cleaning cloth in the kitchen, a different one in the bathroom and a different one on the floor and walls.

Using different coloured cloths will help people remember where each cloth can be used.

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Last updated: 18 August 2015

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