2009 approved applications

PA No.LocationDescriptionApprovedArea (ha)
PA2008/0796NTP 3636 Remember TreeHorticulture19/01/200964.7
PA2008/0217NTP 6072 Douglas DalyImproved pasture20/03/2009212 (inc 14 ha previously cleared)
PA2008/0156NTP 2530 Douglas DalyImproved pasture20/03/2009198
PA2007/1040NTP 2532 Douglas DalyImproved pasture20/03/2009172
PA2008/0334NTP 3634 KatherineImproved pasture23/03/20092693
PA2009/0154NTP 6071 Douglas DalyImproved pasture03/04/2009200
PA2009/0152NTP 2532 Douglas DalyImproved pasture03/04/2009286
(previously cleared)
PA2009/0135NTP 3701 KatherineInfrastructure26/06/20090.4
PA2009/0961NTP 5279 MarrakaiHorticulture11/08/20092
PA2009/0993NTP 2533 Douglas DalyImproved pasture28/08/2009160.5
PA2009/1255NTP 1400 KatherineImproved pasture10/12/2009199.2
PA2009/0882NTP 5007 KatherineImproved pasture12/10/200947
PA2009/1067NTP 5300 MarrakaiHorticulture12/10/20095.7
PA2009/1083NTP 6270 Douglas DalyImproved pasture12/10/200932.3
PA2009/1361Lot 131 Hundred of PlayfordImproved pasture14/12/200929.7
PA2009/1273NTP 2682 DalyResearch14/12/200980

Last updated: 02 August 2018

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