2008 approved applications

PA No.LocationDescriptionApprovedArea (ha)
PA06/0845NTP 4899 FinnissImproved pasture23/01/2008818.8
PA07/0752NTP 6403 MatarankaImproved pasture07/02/20081000
PA07/0834Section 173 Hundred of PlayfordImproved pasture03/03/2008186.4
PA07/0947NTP 6285Improved pasture03/03/200868.7
PA08/0272NTP 6677 and 3732Infrastructure27/05/200829.4
PA08/0367NTP 599Horticulture18/06/2008247.7
PA08/0393Section 235 Hundred of PlayfordImproved pasture24/07/2008780.6
PA08/0620Section 161 Hundred of HowardHorticulture15/10/200811.6
PA08/0652Section 135 Hundred of PlayfordImproved pasture15/10/200880.7
PA07/0952NTP 5925 KatherineImproved pasture10/11/20081307.5
PA06/0975NTP 1349, 4982 and 4983Horticulture19/11/2008-84*
PA08/0728Sec 1924 Hunderd of HartImproved pasture21/11/200810.2

* Original permit for 3886 reduced to 3802 ha

Last updated: 02 August 2018

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